HOTTERDog Equafleece T-shirt Body


The HOTTERdog Dog T-Shirt Body is the perfect garment for dogs with rashes and grass allergies, hair loss or keeping dressings in place.

In addition, the use of a T-Shirt is highly recommended by canine behaviourists as a “protective portable hug” to calm a dog when anxiety strikes – for instance during thunderstorms and firework displays.

The Dog T-Shirt Body is made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane, is soft, comfortable, easy to fit and remove and will not mis-shape with use and age.

It comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

For best fit, measure your dogs topline (collar to start of tail). The number is inches will be the size. Eg if your dogs topline is 16inches, then you need a size 16. Adjust if you would like a slightly looser fit as they are designed to be a snug fit.



The Equafleece t-shirt body covers the torso embracing the chest, belly and front legs, and extends to the base of the tail giving maximum coverage and incredible freedom of movement for the tiniest dog or most hectic greyhound.

Strap-free with no pressure points, it is suited for short and long-term wear.

It can also used as a cooling vest. Soaked in cold water before wearing, the T-Shirt is extremely effective in helping to keep your dog cool, taking up to four hours to fully dry while the evaporating water lowers the dog’s body temperature – great for hot days.

It comes in a number of colours including black, red, blue and raspberry pink.

*please refer to the last picture in the gallery above for additional guidance


14, 16, 18/20, 22, 24, 26, 28


Black, Blue, Pink, Red


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