HOTTERDog Equafleece T-Shirt Suit


This HOTTERDog T-Shirt suit, made by Equafleece, is ideal for skin protection against allergies, keeping dressings in place, cooling and de-stressing anxious dogs.

Made from light cotton t-shirting (97% cotton and 3% elastane) it is designed to cover the dog except for the genital area with a small collar and slightly shortened front legs.

It is also used as a cooling vest. Soaked in cold water before wearing, the T-Shirt is extremely effective in helping to keep your dog cool, taking up to four hours to fully dry while the evaporating water lowers the dog’s body temperature – great for hot days.



Canine behaviourists recommend it as a “protective wrap” having proved it to be a miracle cure and calming aid for nervous dogs when anxiety strikes – for instance during thunderstorms and firework displays.

The suit is available in two colours (brown and black) and five sizes (from XS-XL).

Sizing Guide:

Sizing guide for HOTTERDog Equafleece Suits:

Size Collar to Tail Chest Neck
XS – Extra Small 28–34cm (11–14″) 33–40cm (13–16″) 22–27cm (9–11″)
S – Small 35–44cm (14–18″) 43–52cm (17–20″) 30–35cm (12–14″)
M – Medium 45–55cm (18–22″) 55–64cm (22–25″) 36–42cm (14–16″)
L – Large 56–66cm (22–26″) 67–76cm (26–30″) 43–49cm (17–19″)
XL – Extra Large 66–76cm (26–30″) 78–87cm (31–34″) 49–55cm (19–22″)




Large, Medium, Small, X Large, X Small


Black, Brown


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