Mr Garys Camel Chews


  • Tasty Strips of Camel
  • Taken From The Scalp and Neck Area
  • 100% Natural
  • All Camel, Nothing Added
  • No Preservatives
  • Long Lasting (Approx 2 to 4 Pints Depending on Doggo)
  • Size: Small (30 Grams and under)
  • Size: Medium (30 to 50 Grams)
  • Size: Large (50 to 80 Grams)
  • Size: XL (80 Grams and Over)
  • Each Stick 4” to 6” Long (Approx)

These are super tasty chews that take that little bit longer to eat.

Super Camel Chews are NOT RAWHIDE! They are 100% camel, camel skin to be exact. Taken from the scalp and neck area, these tasty strips are tough to chew and will allow your human enjoy a good two to three beers or maybe even a nice meal. They come in various shapes and each strip is around four to six inches long.

Small: £1.50
(30 Grams and under) Perfect for smaller dogs.
Medium: £2.00 (30 to 50 Grams) Perfect for smaller chewers, medium dogs and those that like to take their time.
Large: £2.50 (50 to 80 Grams) Perfect for chompers and larger dogs.
XL: £3.00 (80 Grams and Over) Perfect for the power chewer! The dogs that have a jaw like Tyrannical Terry (he’s a T-Rex)

100% Camel.

Analytical Composition
Protein 67%, Fat 35.7%,  Ash 3.5%.


Large, Medium, Small, X Large


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