The Painter's Wife Mark R Jumper


This bi-colour sweater, inspired on Mark Rothko’s paintings, is a must have for your dog. You can choose it in two different colour combinations, this one being the gorgeous  grey/blue colourway. It has been woven with exceptional quality cashmere and merino wool with threads from Italian yarns. These very soft and light natural fibres prevent itching and irritation even for the most sensitive skins. They also keep the body temperature steady, providing the animal warmth, insulation and comfort.

10% cashmere / 90% extrafine merino wool

Only hand wash at 30 ° maximum. Do not use bleach. Do not tumble dry.


Sizing information for The Painter’s Wife Jumpers.

Please note – this chart relates specifically to this brand and to jumpers only. If you need any help or guidance then please get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to assist

Size Topline/Back measurement Recommendation on Breed Size
XS 20 – 30cm Little Yorkshire, Chihuaha and Pomerania
S 30 – 40cm Poodle, Yorkshire, Maltes, Jack Russel
M 40 – 55cm King Charles, Border Collie, Westie
L 55 – 70cm Boxer, Belgian Shepherd, Labrador, Weimaraner

Large, Medium, Small, X Large, X Small


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